01 Feb 2023


Welcome to RetailHeart.com

RETAILHEART Consulting is committed to help retailers of all size to meet their business goals in today’s challenging economy. We work with clients to define their strategies and improve their operations with retail best practices and the help of appropriate methodologies and information technology means.

We provide Strategic Consulting, Focus Services and Operational assistance to the retail industry at large in Middle East and Asia, as well as in Europe. RETAILHEART is based in the city of Dubai where the retail sector is boosted by vibrant regional and global actors developing world class retail infrastructures and services.

RETAILHEART team has a deep knowledge of the Middle East market and culture and demonstrates references among the major retailers. The team has an international exposure, with tremendous experience in Europe, North America, Asia, and Middle-East.


RETAILHEART provide consulting services for retail and consumer goods companies. We have a hands-on, pragmatic approach, based on our experts in retail industry .

With RETAILHEART services you get the foremost experience and best practices expertise with immediate applicability and return on investment. We work hand in hand with high and middle management and technical staff in order to realize your strategy.

RETAILHEART consultants have spent decades in the retail arena at operational positions, as Store Director, Purchase Officer, Internal Auditor, Principal consultants in IT or Logistics, etc. Let’s capitalize on this unrivalled legacy in order to bring to fruition your business challenges and capitalize on industry best practices as the right short-cut to success.

Our consulting approach is to realize with you your strategic project , whether it is a store opening, set up a category management policy, organize your warehouses operations, change over your general policy or refresh your Private Label packaging… There are few things we haven’t be involved in yet at operational level.


Our clients belong to the “Who’s Who” of Regional and Global Retail Leaders. We’ve been involved in highly critical strategic projects like ERP Implementation, Loyalty programs, Hypermarket openings, Strategy definition and implementation, Executive coaching, Private Label strategy, etc.