01 Feb 2023



RETAILHEART has teamed with partners in order to provide excellence in complementary services in several specific strategic areas where sharp expertise is required.


Nextail is a platform, tailored for Fashion and Apparels Markets, of end-to-end merchandising management solutions that delivers customer-centric, data driven decisions so that brands and retailers can sell more with less stock.

By leveraging the power of AI and advanced algorithms, Nextail increases stock efficiency across all retailer’s channels through hyper-local demand forecasting and process automation.

That way, they can automate the science of retail and dedicate more time to the art.

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Retail VR

Improve retail processes and sales through virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual Showroom: Increase your turnover by sharing your point of sale without any geographical limits

  • Scripting of you Sales Spaces, your Virtual Showrooms
  • E-commerce Experience: Interconnection with Market ERP
  • Promote Customer Engagement: Immersive navigation, 3D Product sheet, Augmented Reality

Merchandising: Improve the performance of your merchandising Campaigns with ED

  • Automatic generation of content and 3D Planograms
  • Facilitate Collaboration between Teams and Clients
  • Simulate different Implementation scenarios, AB Testing …

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The market-leading supply chain and retail planning platform

We help retailers and consumer brands unify their planning, from demand and
merchandise to supply chain and operations, for maximum customer satisfaction at the lowest operating cost.

Leverage the power of AI

Let our self-learning, self-optimizing technology automate and optimize a vast number of recurring planning tasks — whether demand forecasting, inventory optimization, or planogramming — at a speed, scale, and accuracy that no human planner can match.

Let your planners focus on development, innovation, and creative problem-solving and leave the repetitive tasks to our state-of-the art algorithms.

Fast decisions at scale

Leverage our unmatched computational power to process the extensive volumes of
data captured across the end-to-end consumer goods value chain every minute of the day.
Turn data into actionable decisions at speed.
Constantly stay on top of your demand, supply, and resourcing to make profitable business decisions regardless of the size and complexity of your operations.

Implement adaptable processes

Configure, don’t code.
RELEX empowers users to continuously innovate at low cost and low effort, improving adaptability and resilience in a world of constant change.
Your configurations survive all updates and upgrades, ensuring you reap the benefits of our extensive R&D without disruption.

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Power your growth with an online Marketplace.

Mirakl is the Marketplace Platform chosen by leading enterprises, across industries, to scale eCommerce at the speed they demand.

Recent eCommerce acceleration has stretched existing business models to the breaking point.

Customers are now expecting immediate availability and convenience,

Your online Marketplace will lose or succeed by how quickly you can connect
Customers with more of the Goods and Services they need.

Only an Enterprise Marketplace that brings together high-quality third-party sellers can take you beyond the limits of stores and warehouses into a world of opportunity.

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Wagner & Partners:

Wagner and Partners Consultancy

The strategy consultancy “Wagner and Partners” was established to guide corporations to surpass any business lifecycle challenges presented in today’s competitive environment.

Expertise is of utmost priority, and we are passionate about identifying and
implementing specific solutions that will enable our clients to achieve a new level of sustainable results.

Together with forward-looking entrepreneurs who share like-minded philosophies we create the next generation of successful retail companies.

Our Services:

  • Business Strategy
    The key to any business’ success.
    We improve and aim to supercharge your business allowing it to be the number one within its market.
    We focus on your company’s strengths that need to be extended and the weaknesses that need to be highlighted and changed.
  • Customer Strategy
    The customer is arguably the single-handedly most important asset any company has and should be one that is nurtured.
    We show you how customers should be put first and how the value should last.
  • Operations Strategy
    Expert guidance to the goal that you want.
    Looking at operations from points of a strategic lens, we help you re-imagine operations and give you the path to success.
  • Organizational Strategy
    Grow and transform your business.
    Underperformance is the most common source of misaligned strategy and is a cause of concern.
    We help you solve and revolutionize organizational issues allowing you to harness the best out of all organizational aspects.

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