01 Feb 2023

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A strategic Position for Retail

RETAILHEART is based in the city of Dubai where the retail industry is booming and demonstrates utmost world class standards. RETAILHEART team has a deep knowledge of the Middle-East market and culture and shows evidence of successful references among the major retailers. Our retail experts have an international exposure, with a long experience in Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle-East, working for the most famous regional and global brands. Our unparalleled experience in the retail world is your guaranty for immediate concrete results; we go straight to the point where your organization needs expertise and improvement.

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Bring Expertise to Leverage your Competitiveness

The Retail industry is witnessing disruptive evolution and restructuration. Companies are moving global and competition is increasing sharply while business environment is more demanding and complex.

To remain and thrive on the market, companies must bring more business expertise combined with the appropriate information technologies.

RETAILHEART aims to be recognized as one of the regional market leaders in strategic retail consulting and related services.

Our approach is built upon key values:

  • Professionalism
  • Credibility and Integrity
  • Flexibility to respond to change
  • Execution and follow-through

We consider ourselves your business partner when contracting with you to improve your business.

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"In the Heart of Retail"

At RETAILHEART, our Mission stands in simple words:

  • RETAILHEART 100% Retail
  • At RETAILHEART 100% of our business is dedicated to Retail and Wholesale Business improvement.
  • We are fully dedicated to Retail Business in order to provide sharp expertise and experience to your business.
  • We are IT focus. Our blended capabilities combining business knowledge, best practices repository and IT experience is the core value we bring to your business.
  • Our experience and passion for Retail is the key value we will bring to your business.

Trust our professionals, “We’ve Been there-Done that” in most of the cases.